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As of 2003, the shareholding company "Izoprogres" A.D. has been very successful in cleaning industrial installations and boiler houses from different dusty, granular and piece materials and impurities, using robust industrial vacuum-cleaners. See here the technical characteristics of our vacuuming equipment.

These are some of major projects we have done so far:

YEAR 2003

  • TENT A (Thermo-electric power-plant Nikola Tesla)- Obrenovac, Test cleaning of the boiler house A-2

YEAR 2004

  • TENT B - Ušće, Cleaning of electric-cable line for coal delivery, provisional buildings I and II, skew bridges T1, T2, T6 and T7 and polar pillar
  • TENT B - Ušće, Dust vacuuming in boiler houses at - TENT B, block B1 and B2
  • Thermo-electric power plant Morava - Svilajnac. Ash cleaning in boiler plant under overhaul in 2004; Cleaning of 2 fuel oil tanks in the small boiler house; Ash cleaning from the boiler ceiling
  • TENT A - Obrenovac, Machine ash vacuuming from the insulation ceiling chambers at the 60m level; Dust vacuuming in GPO; Suction of coal dust ash and asbestos fibers, block A5,
  • DP Kolubara metal - Vreoci, Removal of abrasive dust in steel structure workshop
  • TEPP(Thermo-electric power-plant) Kolubara - Veliki Crljeni, Vacuuming of K6

YEAR 2005

  • TEPP Kolubara - Veliki Crljeni, Vacuuming of K6 boiler
  • TEPP Kolubara - Veliki Crljeni, Cleaning of the boiler No.4 roof and boiler No.3 feeder levels from dust sediment
  • DP Kolubara prerada, Cleaning of an inter-ceiling boiler part
  • TEPP Morava - Svilajnac, Machine cleaning of the boiler plant - OVERHAUL
  • TENT A - Obrenovac, Boiler A-1 ceiling cleaning and insulation ceiling cleaning
  • TENT A - Obrenovac, Machine cleaning of boiler A-3

YEAR 2006

  • Kolubara prerada - Vreoci - industrial vacuuming of flammable coal dust
  • TEPP Morava - industrial vacuuming of the boiler plant
  • TENT A - Coal dust vacuuming from cable routes, landings, w-shapes and other parts of coal delivery plants, GPO and skew bridges
  • TENT A - Machine cleaning of the boiler house blocks A3, A4 and A5
  • Grand kafa- industrial cleaning of cable roads, pipelines and equipment
  • TEPP Kostolac - industrial vacuuming of boiler K2
  • TEPP Kolubara - roof cleaning of GPO TEK

YEAR 2007

  • Dust suction in plants of "Prerada" Vreoci branch
  • Lafarge BFC - cement mechanical vacuuming under the packing unit silo
  • TEPP Morava - mechanical cleaning of the boiler plant and coal delivery capacities

YEAR 2008

  • Dust suction in plants of "Prerada" Vreoci branch
  • Lafarge BFC -mechanical particle vacuuming in the coal mill building
  • Lafarge BFC -mechanical cement vacuuming under the old silo
  • Lafarge BFC - mechanical vacuuming under raw materials mill and mill cellar
  • Lafarge BFC - mechanical vacuuming of bulk material under the clinker silo

Cleaning of GPO and skew bridges with industrial vacuum cleaners (done on TENT A, TENT B, TEPP Kolubara and TEPP Morava) in years 2006, 2007 and 2008, in the value of over 150.000.000,00. RSD.