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Shareholding company (A.D.) "Izoprogres" is an enterprise established in 1967 and has been working ever since and developing primarily in the fields of thermal and acoustic insulation, finishing works in the construction industry, as well as industrial cleaning. Following the world developing trends, as well as present market requirements in Serbia and the region at large, in 2004 the company "Izoprogres" A.D. introduced a quality management system ISO 9001 and has been successfully applying it ever since. In 2011 introduced a Occupational health & safety management system OHSAS 18001, and in 2012 Environmental management system ISO 14001 that together form Integrated management system. Thanks to the application and upgrading of that standard and our professional and skilled personnel, numerous projects have been successfully performed without any complaints and to the general satisfaction of our users.
Abiding by the specified quality policy, as well as to the set development goals, in the past 6 years the company "Izoprogres" A.D. has successfully completed the ownership transformation. By providing thermal insulation and power-saving in the construction industry as its basic business, and in the past years the industrial cleaning as well, the company "Izoprogres" A.D. has developed into a great and significant protagonist in the environmental protection sphere, which it has accepted also as its social responsibility.

Buying new machines, tools and equipment as well as by expanding its present workshop in Obrenovac, in addition to the already developed new activities (the industrial cleaning services), the company "Izoprogres" A.D. is gradually rounding off the offer of its services following the constant satisfaction of its users.
We shall complete all projects entrusted by our clients better and faster than our competitors.
Work with us and see for yourself that we are the most reliable company.