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The company "Izoprogres" A.D. has been established and registered in the register of the District Commercial Court in Belgrade on March 2, 1967, as a company for designing and performing thermal and acoustic insulation. The founders were physical persons who on February 21, 1967 signed the Foundation Agreement. As an organization of associated labour the company "Izoprogres" A.D. was entered in the court register on January 5, 1974. The adjustment with The Associated Labour Act was conducted on December 21, 1978, and with The Enterprise Law on December 29, 1989.
The company was privatized in 2002 through a public auction and carried out the additional capital formation in 2003. It is now operating as a shareholding company and the majority shareholder holds over 80% of total shares. The founding capital amounts to 40,069,000.00 RSD, while the total capital of the company is much higher. From the day of its foundation, the Company has been working and developing in the field of thermal and acoustic insulation. Also, the Company carries out the installation of roof-constructions, roof-covering, other finishing works, as well as the new programme for cleaning the facilities with the state-of-the-art mechanical equipment manufactured according to Euro 3 standards.
The company employs 140 people, out of which 125 are directly engaged in the production. Graduate engineers hold the necessary design licenses and licenses for contractor in charge, whereas other experts have the top-level state certificates for jobs they professionally perform. The company has the most modern equipment and tools for performing jobs from within the scope of its registered activities. It has the required licenses for design and execution issued by the competent Ministry and the certificate of quality management system ISO 9001/2000 registered with the LLOYD'S, as well as Occupational health & safety Management system certificate OHSAS 18001, approved by LLOYD'S.
The Company guarantees for all its performed works according to rules of profession for that type of works, and so far (almost 40 years) it didn’t receive any serious complaints on the quality of services provided. The Company’s business motto laid down in the Business plan says: "We shall complete all projects, which we have been entrusted with by our client, better and faster than our competitors. Work with us and see for yourself that we are the most reliable company." So far, the essence of this motto has been fully implemented through the Company’s business policy.