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Besides thermal insulation works, we also perform scaffold works usually on all larger plants in the country.

The company "Izoprogres" A.D. uses scaffolds for the following:

  • Insulation works
  • Other construction works
  • For the needs of its own workers or for single-handed works by the Investor

Apart from the scaffolds, we also make scaffold design with all the necessary documentation.

Using our own resources, we can make metal and wooden scaffolds, scaffolds which have ground support or which are attached to individual parts of the facility, the overhead and mobile scaffolds of all dimensions and strengths.

Type of scaffold, strength dimension, protection and security are defined in the scaffold design as well as in the Contract concluded with The Investor.

The scaffolds are made by workers specially trained for that type of work, with a special attention being devoted to worker’s safety, both those making them as well as those using them.

Each produced scaffold is checked by an appropriate occupational safety service at the facility where the scaffold is positioned.

Responsible designers are in charge of performing scaffold works in the design phase, and the head of construction during the production phase.

Aiming at expanding its market, in March 2009 we have established a joint company "GST - STEEL Izoprogres" in cooperation with the German company "GST-STEEL", for providing the scaffold services.