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Thermal insulation works are the most frequently provided service by company "Izoprogres" A.D. and we can proudly say when it comes to this service we are one of the best companies in the country.

The company "Izoprogres" A.D. carries out thermal and acoustic insulation works on:

  • Thermo-electric plants, refineries and petrochemical plants
  • City heating plants
  • Industrial cold-storage plants
  • Public housing buildings
  • Sports and other halls

We carry out the insulation works within the construction of new facilities and during the facility maintenance process, when the Investor has incomplete documentation or no documentation at all.

While performing insulation works, we respect the following basic elements:

  • Signed contract with the Investor
  • Engineering documentation (complete, incomplete or received according to the recorded facility status)
  • Standard SRPS U.J5.070, dimensioning and evaluation of heating and cooling insulations
  • FESI 1 and 2 - "European Federation of Associations of Insulation Companies" guidelines
  • Construction standards GN 771-101 and 103

We perform both interior works inside facilities, as well as in the open, at the temperatures from -10 up to +50°C. We also make pipeline scaffolds, which are often necessary so as to ensure access to specific facilities.

We prepare installation materials on the spot, where possible (permanent or provisional construction sites), but also in the equipped workshop in Obrenovac, where we have all the necessary machines and tools.

Thermal insulation works are usually performed as follows:

  1. Thermal insulation consists of mineral wool bolster on mercury yarn (100 kg/m3 density), with thermal conductivity in accordance with the required German standards (VDI 2055) and the standard (DIN 4102), and of the required thickness. For insulation thickness up to 100mm - single-coat is used, and for thickness over 100mm multi-coat insulation. Insulation ensures that temperatures on the external insulation surface does exceed 60˚C.
  2. On over 60mm thick insulations, space bars are used (outriggers) and ,when required, steel rings made of steel HVT strip 30x3mm, separated with asbestos-free 5mm water-proof paper.
  3. Aluminium sheets of various thickness are then placed on so constructed and mounted sub-construction:
    • 0.7 mm, for insulation radius up to 200mm
    • 0.8 mm, for insulation radius from 200 to 600mm
    • 1.0 mm, for insulation radius over 600mm

Flanges, valves and adjusters are insulated by placement of easy dismantling jacks.

All the materials installed are non-flammable, absolutely environment-friendly and can be recycled.