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The company "Izoprogres" A.D. carries out other construction works, including specialised works, separately or together with the insulation works, and they include:
  • Preliminary works
  • Preparation works
  • Permanent construction works
  • Specialist’s trades
  • Works on equipment installation
  • Finishing-off operations

Most frequent activities we perform include roof-covering works (trapeze sheet-metal), sheet-metal works (gutter siding), partition walls building, positioning of doors in industrial halls, lowered ceilings.

Often required are roof-sandwich panels made of wool sheet and corresponding sub-construction, which we also successfully make.

Major works in this area are:

"Oil refinery Pančevo" in Pančevo - dressing room 920 m²
Mining-smelting basin "RTB BOR" in Bor - convector hall 1100 m²
"Sports center" in Veliki Crljani - swimming-pool 880 m²
"The Official Gazette" in Belgrade - building of the Official Gazette 280 m²
"Veterinary Institute" in Zemun - old mill dry plant 150 m²
KBC "Bežanijska kosa" in Zemun - boiler room 280 m²
TEPP "Kosovo B" in Obilić - canteen 840 m²
Electric-power company EPS "Beograd" - EPS dispatcher’s center 800 m²
Construction enterprise GP "Trešnja" - housing facility 200 m²
Tourist-catering enterprise TUP "Avala" - motel "1000 Ruža" 1800 m²
TEPP "Nikola Tesla" - A - equipment storage 1700 m²
  Σ 8.950 m²